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Rental Insurance

Are you the owner of premises or an industrial building and want to rent? If you want to rent your premises or industrial building and guarantee the payment of the monthly rent, this is your best rental insurance. Forget about possible problems because our lawyers will be at your side to claim and defend your rights and guarantee the collection of the monthly rent.

The most comprehensive insurance against non-payment of rent

  1. Gathers all documentation.
  2. Calisea validates all documentation.
  3. A feasibility study is carried out (24h/48h).
  4. Approval of the study and tenants.
  5. Signing of the rental contract.
  6. Validation of the rental contract.
  7. Issue of the policy.

Who pays for the insurance?

We recommend that this legal protection insurance is always paid for by the owner.

How long is the insurance valid?

This insurance is valid for one year and its renewal is automatic unless you request cancellation in writing.

When do I start to receive the advance payment of the monthly rent?

The advance payment of unpaid rent by ARAG is made once legal action has begun and within the period of 3 months after the first unpaid monthly payment.

What happens if you leave or change tenant?

In the event that the tenant leaves or changes tenants, it is not necessary to cancel the insurance policy you have taken out. In this sense, it is enough to contact us and make a temporary suspension by signing the cancellation contract.

By phone: 937 242 836

Call us and we will arrange the contract. If you prefer, we can call you free of charge.

By e-mail.

Fill in the form and we will contact you within 24 hours.

  • If you are a client and need to consult a lawyer, call us and our specialist lawyers will help you.
  • If the tenant has stopped paying the rent within the period agreed in the contract, you must notify us within 10 days of the non-payment to start the proceedings. In this way, you can be sure that the rent will be advanced for the maximum number of months.

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Home non-payment insurance

If you want to rent your flat and guarantee the payment of the monthly payments of the tenants, this is your best insurance. Forget about possible problems because our lawyers will be at your side to claim and defend your rights as a landlord..

Community insurance

With the Community of Owners insurance you will have the best legal protection, according to the interests of your community. Living in a community of owners is always complicated and the larger the property, the more likely it is that problems or disagreements will arise between neighbours.

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